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Why use a member of The Gardeners Guild?

1. Gardeners must prove that they have at least one horticultural qualification at Level 2 or above before being accepted as a member.
- To achieve a qualification in their chosen field of horticulture (or horticultural related specialism) the gardener has received training, an assessment and has had their identification checked*.
- In some circumstances this can include licenses for specialist equipment such as chainsaws and pesticides application as these are a legal requirement in some instances and indicate that the member takes safety and the environment seriously.
- Courses and qualifications evolve over time and are subject to review i.e course content, relevance, popularity and workforce trends etc do change over time.
- While all members must have a level 2 horticultural qualification as a minimum, Consultant members have additional acceptance criteria.

2. A good gardener should be easy to contact. You can find a local gardener by searching our Member Register - a free to use online directory of qualified gardeners. Ours is the only database of qualified gardeners in the UK. You can use it to find Maintenance Gardeners (Contractors) and Garden Consultants.

3. The Member Register is actively managed and membership is renewed annually. The Gardeners Guild is not a consumer organisation but is committed to quality through careful membership selection and ongoing refining of its members.

4. We have arranged for members to have access to affordable Public Liability Insurance. More about Insurance.

5. We provide our members with regular legislation updates.

6. We provide our members with document templates to help them comply with the law.

7. We provide our members with access to a Health and Safety advice line.

8. We provide our members with access to a legal advice line.

9. We also arrange member surveys and manage an online forum where members can share best practice and plant care tips.

10. We also promote and encourage attendance on skills training courses such as rose pruning, fruit tree pruning etc

*Membership is for qualified individuals who manage their own business. Most of our members are sole traders. Some may have a small team or manage a local franchise. Only the named member has had their qualifications checked. The member should tell you if they plan to send you an employee or associate.

Check the logo

Our logo makes it easy to identify a qualified gardener.

There are many excellent trade groups and vetting schemes that small business owners can join. Make sure that you understand why the trader has been issued with a logo and what it represents. Always check that the trader is entitled to use that logo by visiting the schemes website to check their list of members and entry criteria.