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What services will a gardener offer?

A gardener can usually help with all aspects of regular garden and grounds maintenance and soft landscaping such as those listed below.

A gardener who gives advice on the work you have asked them to do is an adviser and that advice is covered by the Public Liability Insurance as a the normal activity of a contractor.

However, if you ask a gardener to give you advice and do not give them any work (for example to identify a plant but not maintain it) then they are acting as a consultant and would ideally have separate Professional Indemnity insurance. Our members are aware of the difference and should charge for their time as a consultant where no work is forthcoming.

Individual members may also have the necessary skills, qualifications, insurance and equipment for consultancy, hard landscaping, tree surgery or design - although membership with The Gardeners Guild is primarily concerned with regular garden maintenance and associated services.

Services offered by qualified gardeners include:

- Mowing,
- Strimming,
- Weeding,
- Pruning,
- Hedge trimming,
- Planting and planting advice
- Vegetable growing,
- Sourcing and supplying,
- Autumn leaf clearance
- Snow clearance
- Applying feeds and pesticides,
- Complete garden renovation and clearance,
- Garden consulting, advice and coaching,
- Visual pest and disease identification,
- Garden management, maintenance schedules, directing garden labourers,
- Waste removal.
- Soft landscaping such as:
- Applying preservatives to wooden structures,
- Laying ornamental gravel paths and decorative bark on borders,
- Shed and fencing repairs.

Research: According to our member surveys, most gardeners work within 10 square miles of their home/office.