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Garden Maintenance Advice

Garden Maintenance Advice

Doing the right job, at the right time, can help you save money and/or spread the cost. It is also better for your garden!

A simple summary of key garden maintenance tasks for each month can be found below. Why not engage one of our consultant members to create a personalised maintenance schedule for your garden?

- January

- February

- March

- April

- May

- June

- July

- August

- September

- October

- November

- December

Help choosing plants

Help to choose climbing plants
Roses for Different Purposes
Tress for small gardens
Evergreen Plants
Native UK Trees
Good Ground Cover Plants

Popular Scented Garden Plants

Slug Resistant Plants
Plants that attract birds
Plants that attract Bees and Butterflies
Insect repellent plants

Popular Spring flowering plants
Popular Summer flowering plants
Popular Autumn flowering plants
Popular Winter Flowering Plants

Popular Healthy House Plants

Plants for Wet or Damp Soil
Plants for Shade in WET Soil
Plants for Clay Soil

Plants for Shade in DRY Soil
Plants for Exposed Coastal Gardens
Drought Tolerant Plants

Plants for containers

Plants for Garden Security
Popular Hedging Plants

Invasive Weeds

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