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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What qualifications are acceptable to become a member?

A: A horticultural qualification at Level 2 or above.

The qualification does not have to be focused on garden maintenance but should include plant identification and plant maintenance i.e. pruning or propagation techniques. Your qualification should be complete with a certificate to show you have achieved the qualification you started.

Licenses for pesticides, chainsaw, mower/strimmer use etc alone are not accepted for membership.

Some online courses are not accepted. Design qualifications are accepted if the course includes plant identification and maintenance topics.

Search registered qualifications on the Register of Regulated Qualifications:

Q: Can I send a photocopy of my certificate?

A: Yes, or you can scan your application and email it to us.

Q: I can't find my certificates

A: It is important that you keep your certificates safe in case you are asked for them when tendering for a new contract. If you have lost your certificates and you do not want to pay your course provider for a duplicate then you can email them and ask them to confirm by email that you attended and passed the course. We will accept this email from them as evidence of your qualification. Some form of evidence that you have a horticultural qualification is always required before membership is accepted.

Q: Does TGG have a code of conduct?

A: All members are self employed and should abide by trading and advertising standards laws. This includes consumer rights legislation and fair trading legislation. Members must also abide by our own general terms of membership and forum terms of use in the members area.