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About The Gardeners Guild

The Gardeners Guild (TGG) is a business support service for self-employed gardeners. Gardeners are accepted for membership on the basis of their professional qualifications.

Qualified means trained, assessed and certified.

Finding a qualified electrician or plumber is easy - just look for the NIC EIC or Gas Safe logo. In a similar way, our national Member Register of Qualified Gardeners makes it easy to find a qualified gardener.

Applicants must hold qualifications that are regulated by the Government. According to the Ofqual website, regulated qualifications are 'officially recognised' qualifications.

Who is it for?

Specifically for self-employed gardeners and owner-operated small businesses who offer garden and grounds maintenance as part of their services.

Who can join?

Only gardeners with at least 1 regulated horticultural qualification equal to Ofqual Level 2 'Certificate' or above can join. Qualified gardeners have been trained and assessed in their chosen field of horticulture. Gardeners must send evidence of their qualification before being accepted as a member. (There is higher entry criteria for Consultant Members).

A modern solution:

Although ‘Guilds’ no longer exist, we use the word ‘Guild’ in our trading name to reflect the historic nature of professional horticulture. Like the medieval ‘Guilds’ of old, we aim to:

  1. Make it easy to find and identify qualified gardeners.
  2. Provide services that help minimise the disadvantages of being a self-employed gardener.

The Gardeners Guild has hundreds of active members nationwide. Based on the number of active, paid-up gardeners, TGG is one of the biggest affinity groups in professional horticulture.

'The best professional organisation representing garden maintenance gardeners is The Gardeners Guild' - The Royal Horticultural Society

Member benefits include:

- Legal advice,
- Advertising,
- Professional recognition,
- Document templates,
- Discounts on useful business services (including affordable public liability insurance),
- Legislation updates,
- Professional community,
- Research: polls and surveys.

Wider benefits of membership:

- Membership identifies gardeners who have horticultural qualifications at level 2 or above.
- Qualified gardeners are easy to find in our national Member Register of Qualified Gardeners,
- An independent database where gardeners can be recommended impartially on the basis of their professional qualifications,
- Members must abide by our professional terms of membership,
- Members are kept up to date on relevant legislation,
- Successful businesses contribute to a healthy industry,
- Consumers benefit from our research and specialist experience via our Consumer advice,
- We share consumer feedback with our members to help them progress.

The Gardeners Guild LLP is a business incorporated in the UK since 2006. The Gardeners Guild is a privately owned commercial service provider and is not a member-owned campaign association or lobby group. It is not a consumer organisation and membership is primarily for the benefit of the member.


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