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Feedback from members suggests that they receive good quality enquiries from people who value genuine career gardeners. Here are some examples of member and visitor testimonials.

'...would like to take the opportunity to thank the Guild for your support and professionalism. To know there is support there for self employed gardeners like myself is great. Thank you for all your hard work.' N C (email)

'I would just like to say a big thank you to the gardeners guild and anyone who has posted on the forum. I have leant so much about setting up your own business from the forum . This year at the most I thought I would go on my own part time but thanks to being part of the gardeners guild I have landed some very good jobs and have enough work to make the jump. My customers are all more educated thanks to reading info off the web site. I feel very proud to be a member' J A (forum)

'I've been really pleased with the number of enquiries which have been coming in since I joined TGG about two months ago - although I'm a newbie, just starting out quite recently (also on the WRAGS scheme 2 days a week), I'm pretty much fully booked for my remaining 3ish days already, through TGG enquiries and existing contacts.  All of my TGG-lead clients are knowledgeable and committed gardeners with interesting gardens.' L P (forum)

'Incredibly amazed by the info / advice that @TGGTradeNetwork provide. Worth well over the £40 yearly subscription.' A N (Sent via Twitter)

'I've already had an enquiry so thats a start :-) ' T F via email received 18/02/19 (Joined 15/02/19)

'...p.s: really liked the graphical representation of the census even if I still look at the raw data, as I'm based in Scotland and don't think we necessary follow the same trends as elsewhere in the UK' M H (email)

'Thanks TGG! have recently received two jobs from your site. One which I have already done and the other coming up in the next few weeks - brilliant this is mainly why I joined but the site is far more helpful than just getting work from. Thanks again BRILLIANT !! Well worth the joining fee'J W (forum)

'Yes, I must admit that joining the gardeners guild proves to be a great decision on many fronts. I'm a recent member and got my first client within a week of joining. It's a regular job and needless to say I have got a good return on the outlay of the membership fee. That aside the whole array of benefits of being a member I find very worthwhile and I enjoy reading and discussing issues on this forum. I know I'm speaking to the converted but I will end with HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!' - S S (forum)

'We are new members and I have to say you provide a brilliant service! There are so many useful elements to the website that I never find just one idea. The templates are so helpful-both in saving time and reminding us what we need to have in place. The answers by people on the forum are also honest and sincere; no showing off or lack of empathy. Just genuine help which is so good to find these days. Thanks for the good work – we appreciate your efforts.' - S C (email)

'Definately :) I agree. Had quite a few enquiries, and jobs from the site now. It's ace!' N A (forum)

'I second that. I've had three enquiries all of which have led to jobs, one of which is a regular one. Thanks TGG. Great site too for help and discussion.K S (forum)

'must admit I have got some great clients from here too :) always think of them as added bonuses' - T S (forum)

'Absolutely agree. Have had several customers who mentioned TGG directly when I spoke to them - either they'd searched the TGG register to find a qualified Gardener, or they'd 'back-tracked' from my website and taken TGG membership as a positive sign. Either way, this alone makes it well worth being a member - to say nothing of the personal benefit derived from being part of the Guild community.' - S H (forum)

'Hi Just thought I would let you know that I have just taken my first phone call enquiring about gardening maintenance as a result of TGG web site. I only became a member this month so its good to know the system works. I view the job tomorrow its a 3 acre site, weekly visits required, sounds good but we shall see. Pleased to get an enquiry all the same'. - C F (email)

'...I was also wondering if it is possible for you to send us some more vehicle stickers for the new vans. They do help us gain business and a lot of people point it out to us when arriving to give a quote'. - M B (email)

'Agree with all the positive comments, the customers I have been out in touch with through the TGG are fab. Proper plants people wanting regular Maintenence not just a butcher and scarper job. Makes working so rewarding :)' - K G (forum)

...'Incidentally I would like to say how impressed I am with the Gardeners' Guild website and how informative it is'. - T G (email)

'I must second this - I've had a good four or five customers through the guild, (regulars) plus some other enquiries. I'm somewhat surprised as well as I did not think anyone up t'north was aware of the guild.  Anyway, this was not really the reason I joined but its a hell of a bonus. - P T (forum)

'I hope more gardeners join in the London area. I find myself declining quite a lot of work offers because they come from too far away'. 'I have found TGG a really good organization to belong to and you always act positively on feedback. I get most of my clients through TGG so I now recommend it to anyone who will listen.' - C L (email)

'I became a member of TGG because I wanted to tender for the maintenance of a Retirement complex. Further to a telephone conversation with Gary at TGG, I received much needed information. Combined with other research, I put in the tender and won the contract. Without help from TGG I am sure this would not have been the case. My business is going from strength to strength' - D B (email)

'Hi TGG Team, just wanted to say thank you for work and support as I have had a few enquiries through your website the monthly maintenance emails are a great help as well, thank you . I would recommend you to any future gardener. Regards - J R' (email)

A lot of people have noticed the TGG logo on my van and ask about what it stands for I'm proud to tell them. The TGG and the BWC (Buy With Confidence) both are doing a sterling job and thank you for your news letters they are very informative WELL DONE' - D B (email)

'As a sole trader I find your emails invaluable for keeping up to date on all sorts of relevant material, I consider it my best buy' - G B (email)

You may be interested to know that I had my first enquiry today as a direct result of being a member of the Guild. I am of course really pleased about this!'J B (email - joined 06/03/12, email received 19/03/12)

'..thank you very much for all your hard work and dedication towards members of the gardeners guild it is much appreciated, a real depth of integrity is obvious!'J T (email)

'I was a member of the ***** ** ****** ********* for a while, and trust me, despite the difference in size, you are a 1000% times more proactive.'J H (email)

'The advice from other members and the updates on legislation, H&S alone have made the membership fee worth every penny!' - S G (online)

'Just want to say how good I've found the invoice template provided on the website, it's much more professional than the one I'd put together and easy to use - thanks!' -S R (forum)

'I've just had my 3rd new business enquiry in 10 days via my details on the GG site. I just wanted to say thanks; by far the most effective mode of getting enquires I've had this year.'- M W (email via forum)

'I have found membership of The Gardeners Guild to be invaluable, and highly rated by all my customers over the past year.' -S H (via email)

'I'd like to inform you that I have already received phone enquiries via the website so I'm a very pleased member!' - D W (via email - joined 15/04/14 emailed received 24/04/14)

I'm still in year one and enjoying the work. Being in Gardeners Guild has helped guide my decision making'. - W G (via email)

'When I joined a couple of years ago I got my first client 10 days after my details appeared on the web site! So far I've gained 4 valuable customers from being a member. I was a little sceptical before I joined but soon changed my views.' - G O (forum)

'Hi, thank you very much for the new/updated resource on TGG website about these new cancellation regulations coming into force next week. So much more helpful than anything else I've read!' - S R (email)

'I've had a couple of inquiries from the guild website and it's been great to develop my experience through these jobs - thank you!' - K A (email)

'I’m so proud to be a qualified gardener and a member of The Gardeners Guild. The years working towards my qualifications were hard but plants are such complex and amazing things and having the skills and knowledge to work with them to really make the most of people’s gardens is what I love about my job!' - C E (via Facebook)

Even members who are leaving us say:

'Thank you for all the advice and the guild is the best thing for gardener and landscaper a great job you and team does please keep it going'. - S W (email)

'I have enjoyed my membership over the years, particularly your forums. In our line of work, mostly spent on our own, it is good and encouraging to know that others face the same challenges we do and have often found solutions to them.' - J T (email)

'...I have to say, though, before we stop, that your website has been the best aid to setting up a business I’ve come across. The library of documents and information has saved so much time and energy on our part, by being able to adapt templates and providing up to date information to make sure we are in the know. It’s been so positive and encouraging and we’d like to say thank you to everyone involved. It’s a very generous and caring organisation and we are so pleased we found it. Please accept our very best wishes for your future success'. S C (email)

'I have found being a member so beneficial in too many ways to count and hope you continue to grow and keep supporting self-employed gardeners. Your forum allowed me to get valuable advice which led to commercial contracts and the advice line for tax was very helpful too.  I took advantage of offers with Genus and my insurance. As a sole trader it was great to feel part of a larger network....So, although I’m now in pastures new, I didn’t want to go without saying a big thank you to all of you working hard at TGG to raise the profile of gardening and helping to look after our interests. Best wishes and maybe see you again in the future, who knows?' - K G (email)

'Many thanks for the renewal...but I won't be renewing as I have changed Jobs. Many thanks for everything, and all the best...' S J (email)

'I have decided to gradually retire from the garden maintenance business over the coming months. The Gardeners Guikd has been a useful source of good quality business since I've been a member...thanks for all the help and support you have provided to me.' R S (email)

'Thanks for all the great work you do. I found my membership really beneficial over the last few years' J C (email)